Episode 5 - WAKE UP (A Spokenword For Teens)

Episode 5 - WAKE UP (A Spokenword For Teens)

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Life is a journey but more often than not, too many people never set out on the road to the place of their destiny.

They lose sight of their identity, self-worth and life's purpose while in their teenage years.

So this poem is a gift to recall these young minds not to waste away by seeking after fun and frivolities that amount to nothing.

It is a clarion call geared towards inspiring the teeming future leaders to WAKE UP from their slumbers and grab the future by the jugular with all ... See More


  1. 03:37
    Transformers 3 soundtrack - It's our fight
  2. 07:57
    Mattia Cupelli - Emotional Sad Piano Music _ (Mattia Cupelli 2015)

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